Show 567: Werden Sie Mit Mir Tanzen …? by deadpeoplesrecords

567One night a friend of mine played me some digitised 78’s of early 20th century Weimar Tangos. They cried out to played with!

“The city had a jewel-like sparkle, the vast cafés reminded me of ocean liners powered by the rhythms of their orchestras. There was music everywhere.” Josephine Baker. Berlin 1925

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radia season 36 – show #566 (radio x) – TO THE LIMIT OF ENDURANCE by GABI SCHAFFNER
– playing from february 1 to february 7, 2016 –


He was a slender man of average height in his 60s, adressing the Lido with his back turned to the city. At first, there was noone around listening, eventually, later, some passer-bys stopped… just like me. He never turned around, he didn’t even cast a glance at his listeners. I had the most awful stomach cramps from having eaten something I shouldn’t, my forehead was covered in sweat from pain – but I held the recorder… just so.

TO THE LIMIT OF ENDURANCE assembles field recordings from Venice, Italy. Snippets of a gondola race, excerpts from church mass, voices and choices of the Biennale and a memorable poetry reading are combined into a collage that is dedicated to the power and beauty of languages, both spoken and lost. Dear unknown poet, thank you for your words.
Additional musical support: Trumpet improvisation by Claudio Comandini, recorded in Wedding, Berlin.
Field recordings, editing and mix: Gabi Schaffner/raw audio recordings 2015/2016

is an audio artist, writer and photographer based in berlin and travelling everywhere to collect sounds, images and imaginations. Her works in the field of radio art have been broadcasted by many international radio stations, including commissions for Deutschlandradio, WDR, HR and many more. Plus, over the past years she has created several pieces for She is also a passionate radio gardener (

Find out more about her projects at and at


radia production: miss.gunst [GUNST + radiator x]
production date: january 2016
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
length: 28 min.
licence: (cc-by-nc) GABI SCHAFFNER

great many thanks to GABI SCHAFFNER
plus special thanks to Claudio Commandini for his trumpet solo!

additional info:
includes radia jingles (in/out), station and program info/intro (english)

radio x & radiator x:
GUNSTradio & radiator x:
Gabi Schaffner:

verena kuni (cc-by-nc-sa)


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Radia Show 565 : CHANT IV by Golem Mecanique for Jet FM

IMG_0099(French below)


Electro acoustic composition for radiophonic broadcast

Golem Mecanique : Voice , magnetic tape recorders device, drone box
Antoine Lang : Voice, reading
Alexis Degrenier : Mixing and mastering

I walked for a long time with Dante on my mind
Wandering in the infernal circles was for me a true allegory of my perpetual search of meaning.
In Canto IV, I chewed the words, I drew a new topography of the circles, I distorted the speech.
A work that I started years ago with”Inferno”, a reinterpretation of sound process and over recording from and that I used in Canto IV
I invited Antoine Lang a Swiss artist who works on the destruction and organic manipulation of the spoken, sung , whispered sound.
His guttural appearances intensify the idea of a perceptible hell.
An invisible forest. A tense contemplation.


Pièce electro-acoustique pour diffusion radiophonique.

Golem Mecanique : Voix, dispositif magnétophones à bandes, boite à bourdons
Antoine Lang : Voix et lecture
Alexis Degrenier : Mixage et Mastering

Longtemps je me suis promenée avec Dante dans mon esprit.
La déambulation dans les cercles infernaux était pour moi la juste allégorie de ma recherche perpétuelle d’un sens.
Pour Chant IV , j’ai remâché les mots, j’ai redessiné la topographie des cercles ,altérant la parole . Un travail que j’ai commencé depuis quelques années avec notamment “Inferno ” , un travail de réinterpretation du procédé de sur-enregistrement d’Alvin Lucier et dont je me sers dans Chant IV.
J’ai convié Antoine Lang un artiste suisse qui travaille sur la destruction et la manipulation organique du son chanté, parlé, murmurée.
Ses apparitions gutturales renforcent l’idée d’un enfer perceptible.
Une forêt invisible. Une contemplation tendue.

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Radia Show 564 | Radio Papesse | RADIO création poétique contemporaine by Anne-James Chaton

This show is a 28 minutes mix of RADIO a poetry live on air event, conceived and produced by Anne-James Chaton

RADIO has been a 24-hour celebration of contemporary poetry broadcasted live from the Fondation Luis Vuitton in Paris on Dec. 11th and 12th, 2015.

The live programme explored all aspects of contemporary poetry in the form of debates, readings, concerts, performances, interviews, narrative films and documentaries. With contributions from poets and performers from all over the world, RADIO was not limited by borders.
The mix produced for the Radia Show includes (in order of appearance):

_Antoine BouteModern Poetry magazine – Horoscopes
In his books, readings and events, Belgian artist Antoine Boute seeks out crossovers between written, sound and visual poetry, philosophy, performance and experimental music.
_Brigitte FontaineInterview
Brigitte Fontaine, born in 1939 in Morlaix in the Brittany region of France, is a singer of avant-garde music.[1][2] During the course of her career she has employed numerous unusual musical styles such melding rock and roll, folk, jazz, electronica, spoken word poetry and world rhythms. She is also a novelist, writer, actress, playwright, and poet.
_Rudy RicciottiStudio guest on Modern Poetry magazine
Rudy Ricciotti, an architect and engineer who has won the Grand Prix National d’Architecture (2006), the Gold Medal from the Académie d’Architecture, and is a member of the Académie des technologies, combines creative flair with an appetite for construction.
_Xavier VeilhanStudio guest on Modern Poetry magazine
In a broad-ranging body of work that dates back to the mid-1980s, Xavier Veilhan crafts contemporary interpretations of the motifs of modernity and classical statuary. His Architectones series of exhibitions (2012-2014) illustrated the ongoing dialogue between art and architecture in seven modernist buildings around the world.
_Gérard PessonModern Poetry magazine – Gardening
One of the most talented and popular composers of his generation, Gérard Pesson creates playful and dreamy that flits tastefully between genres. His work is characterised by a pared-down sound and his incessant probing of the musical tradition. A gifted writer, he has also published a journal, Cran d’arrêt du beau temps.
_Anna Holveck
Student of Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lyon invited for School on the Air
_Jaap BlonkThe Big Live Show
Jaap Blonk is a Dutch self-taught composer, performer and poet. From his roots as an unforgettable vocal performer, he began experimenting with synthesisers and sampling his own voice around the turn of the millennium. Since 2006 he has been tweaking algorithms to compose music, poetry and multimedia shows.
_TarwaterThe Big Live Show
Berlin-based electronica group Tarwater was founded in the 1990s by Bernd Jestram and Ronald Lippok, two figureheads of the alternative scene in the East Berlin’s legendary Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood.
_Vladislav DelayThe Big Live Show
Vladislav Delay, born Sasu Ripatti, is an internationally-acclaimed electronica artist, jazz drummer, composer of minimal and ambient techno, and maestro of glitch music. His stage names – depending on the genre – include Luomo, Uusitalo, Vladislav Delay, Sistol and Conoco.
_Charles PennequinPoetry in the Home
Widely published French poet Charles Pennequin also dabbles in drawings, videos and performance readings. In 2007 he co-founded L’Armée noire, a multi-faceted collective of artists which organises performances, readings and publications.
_Pierre HerméOn the Tip of the Tongue
The fourth generation in an Alsace family of bakers and pastry chefs, Pierre Hermé began his career at the age of 14 under Gaston Lenôtre. Feted in the US, France and Japan, the man who Vogue has dubbed the “Picasso of Pastry” has brought a taste of originality to pâtisserie. Unafraid to challenge pastry-making conventions, he strips his creations of unnecessary embellishment and seasons with sugar to explore new dimensions of flavour.
_Movies extracts of Si j’avais quatre dromadaires (If I Had Four Dromedaries) by Chris Marker, Le Mythe dans le ville (Myth in the city) by Jacques Villeglé
_Mathieu AmalricPoetry on Screen – Audio description of a narrative film of Guy Gilles Le clair de terre (Earth Light)
_Jacques VillegléThe Big Interview
Painter, mixed-media and graphic artist Jacques Villeglé is known for his ripped posters and ‘socio-political alphabet’. He and letterist poet François Dufrêne are thought to have coined the term “poésie sonore” (sound poetry) in a text on Henri Chopin which they co-authored in 1958. Jacques Villeglé was one of the signatories of the Nouveau Réalisme manifesto in 1960.

RADIO production team: Thomas Baumgartner, Laurence Bossé, Anne-James Chaton, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Bastien Gallet, Françoise Lebeau, Emmanuelle de Montgazon, David Sanson, Claire Staebler.

Presenters: Thomas Baumgartner, Anne-James Chaton, Hubert Colas, Thomas Corlin, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Bastien Gallet, Philippe Langlois, Françoise Lebeau, David Sanson, Emmanuel Rabu and Nathalie Viot

With the participation of Radio On, the radio station of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts du Mans (ESBA TALM)
Station controller: Mathilde Faist
Reporters: Wendie Autrique, Thomas Becka, Solal Boutoux, Jeanne Minier
Station branding/sound design: Arnaud Ouin, Benoît Villemont, Thomas Rotureau
Teaching supervisor: Diane Debuisser
Coordinator: Philippe Langlois

This weekly Radia Show introduces a brand new collaboration between Radio Papesse and the Fondation Luis Vuitton in Paris…more sound poetry to come!

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Show 563: ‘At The Edge of the Emptiness of All Things’ by Dieter Sperl & Michael Fischer for Radio Helsinki

SperlFischerPhoto: Sperl, Fischer

At The Edge of the Emptiness of All Things

For several years now, the saxophonist and instant composer Michael Fischer, founder and director of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, and the author and language-performance artist Dieter Sperl have been exploring poetical-musical auditory spaces in a freely improvised interplay of text, sound, and noise. In 2014, the two attempted for the first time an interaction between the feedback saxophone developed by Fischer and the lyrical-philosophical linguistic particles that Sperl extracted from his text-generating machine when the landscape ceases (

The feedback saxophone is an exclusively analog instrument: a microphone inside the saxophone connected to a speaker near the instrument serves as a tone generator that is modulated by the motion of the instrument’s keys and the musician’s voice. On the basis of resonance and overtone series, multilayered sound and noise sculptures arise. Besides the creation, ordering, and processing of material (attained and to be attained), a network of meanings connected to language and sound is produced, and convergences and divergences in space become audible and experienceable within the flow of time. Sperl, for his part, constantly generates poetic images, thoughts, and scenes, repeating them, abandoning them somewhere or other, taking them up again, and suddenly cutting them off, or he lets them oscillate in his oral space: paradoxes, platitudes, proverbs, idioms, and everyday wisdom are always located in their radius of action between construction and deconstruction, where the Now unfolds its full powers, flaring up for a moment just to disappear again in the next instant, as if they had never existed …

Fischer: “A meandering agent of reflection and creation, from the innermost to the outermost, from the outermost to the innermost … in the space between, the being of what is expressed, in a constant transformation of its appearance …; a field of probability formed from the linguistic metaphors of the texture of the sound/noise and the tonal texture of language.”

Sperl: “When we play together, I simply sit there and watch what is happening. I plan nothing and let everything happen.”

Translation by Geoffrey C. Howes

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Show 562: ‘Impure Waves’ by Stefano Giannotti for Worm/Klangendum


Impure Waves is a radio-piece for voice, harmonica, oscillators and mobile phones.

It is entirely born during the author’s residency at the Worm Foundation in November 2015.

The piece starts with a quotation of the Wikipedia definition of waves read by the author; successively, the text has been smashed by dozens and dozens of Google translations until it has been reduced at the single sentence Plate ten. A Christian family?

Words, landscapes, scretches recorded on a mobile phone interact with sounds produced by old modular synthesizers like ARP 2500, ARP 2600 and VCS3.

The piece proceeds as a series of abstract sound paintings, based on the idea that life is made of contamination, impure waves which at the end make us all happy (the very last picture proposes a sort of salterello based on a woman laughing).

Produced by Dr Klangendum for Worm & Concertzender

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Show 561: ‘Balfron Tower’ by The Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts for Resonance FM

Poplar, East London: Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower hums. Melanie Clifford & Howard Jacques are two of the artists living and working there with Bow Arts, while the tower awaits renovation. For this 28 minute portrait they recorded and played back on various devices sounds from within the building: the humming of the enormous, ancient heating system; the lifts; radios in the basement; playing marbles in the stairwell and sounds from outside: the derelict playground at the base of the tower; kicking a football; stroking the concrete. The piece is constructed from live improvisational play: all sounds are field recordings played at varying speeds.

Testing sounds and ideas within and without the broadcast studio: The Bermuda Triangle Test TransmissionBroadcasts is a weekly radio programme made by sound artists HowardJacques & Melanie Clifford with collaborators. Broadcast live on London’s radio arts station Resonance 104.4FM & online Thursdays 23.00 – 00.00 GMT. Each programme is a unique improvisation, constructed live. Recent broadcasts archived here:


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Show 560: Un-public by Rébus & Har$, Kanal 103 Skopje

radia Show 560One nice and warm November night, several days before the so called Paris terrorist attack, several streets away where it happened, several artists were recording the 23rd Un-public session at La Générale Nord-Est. Un-public is a project started by Harold Schellinx and Emmanuel Rebus, with intention to invite international artists joining the ad hoc sessions in order to make recordings using almost everything as an instrument and with no audience. This session there was a lots of feedback and sneezing too. And the rest is history…
Participants at the 23rd Un-public were: Dimitrov, Chi, Zhang, Lambeski, Rébus & Har$
Place and date: La Générale Nord-Est, PARIS, 8 NOVEMBER 2015

Un-public Sunday evening session on November 8th 2015 at La Générale Nord-Est, avenue Parmentier, Paris XI. With Toni Dimitrov (Zoom recorder, feedback), Po-Hao Chi (electronics), Manli Zhang (toy piano, bells, things), Jovan Lambeski (voice, toy piano, mandoline, things), E_Rébus (toy piano, intratonal metallophone, dictaphones, electronics, bells, things) & Har$ (Korg MS20, Sharp RD 303 reel-to-reel recorder, intratonal metallophone, dictaphones, things)

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Show 559: “I promise not to feed back in love again” by Mestre André & Paulo Raposo, Radio Zero, PT


Mestre André: cassete feedback
Paulo Raposo: cassetes, field-recordings and assorted sinewaves

André G Pinto Aka Mestre André:
MA in Musical Arts at New University of Lisbon with a research visit to SFU Burnaby, supervised by Barry Truax. BA in Sound Arts and Design (First Class Honours) at University of Arts London.
Explored rupture aesthetics and theorised on the ‘social and political aesthetics of art and noise’ (“The Territory from Chaos to Noise”, Pinto, A., 2012). Now involved with ecological thinking of the arts practice and aesthetic relationships with the natural and non-natural environments. André has developed work as a Sound Artist, Field-Recordist, Performer, Installation Artist, Free Improviser, Composer and Sound Designer, doing live Sound Design for movies and theatre plays, sound installations and automated/interactive live concerts, amongst other things…
He is a member of the band Älforjs and the ensemble Tratado de Cardew, which has been performing Cardew’s score: Treatise.
Currently his work develops around deep listening as an ecological approach towards sound and music. As a composer he explores the ‘grief of incommunicability’ that exists in the attempt of exchange/comprehension/ communication between the human and humanised world/perception and what exceeds it, developing methods to somehow recreate or relate to the natural environment through the means of sound mapping and sound making.

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Show 558: “The Curiosity Overcomes You” by Alice Armstrong, Soundart Radio, Devon, UK

The curiosity overcomes you.

An audio exploration into learning the ancient skill of flint knapping.

Led by our ears & intuition we listen into the echoes of a shared material past.flint_knapping

“What we’ve learn’t and what we’ve found,

What we know and what we are,

And where we’re from

….you can hear what it’s made of.”

Alice Armstrong & Ben Fielding.

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